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 AKILI DADA: when African girls read, they lead!
BASIC EDUCATION TEACHERS’ UNION OF ZAMBIA (BETUZ), ZAMBIA NATIONAL UNION OF TEACHERS (ZNUT): Creating safe and gender sensitive teaching and learning environments-Education Unions take Action to End School-Related Gender-Based Violence
CARE: Addressing barriers to girls education in rural Zimbabwe
CARE: A pan-African campaign to promote lifelong learning opportunities for adolescents in Kenya, Mali and Zimbabwe
CARE: Improving educational access, equity and quality f or girls in post-conflict contexts: evidence from Somalia
CEMASTEA: Intervention strategies to enhance gender equity and equality in the teaching and learning of mathematics and science
EGHE: Exploring gendered patterns of he participation and success in stem and beyond: initial findings
IIE: Higher Education Readiness (HER) program
KIMALIRO E.N: Lifting the ceiling – Revitalize the teaching profession to ensure quality and relevance of girls’ education
MICROSOFT: The #makewhatsnext campaign
MINISTRY OF GENERAL EDUCATION ZAMBIA: Alternative learning programs for out of school female youths with intellectual disabilities in Zambia
PLAN INTERNATIONAL: Financing Girls’ Education (Concept note for plenary session on Enhancing education financing and accountability for gender equality)
PROJET LUANGWA: Gender equality issues identified within the community surrounding Mfuwe in the Eastern Province of Zambia
RESTLESS DEVELOPMENT: The case of the Zambian Girls 2030
SANI FOUNDATION: Providing holistic and relevant education and training to young adults with intellectual disabilities
SUCCESS FOR AFRICA: CESA 16-25 knowledge, competence, Skills– Creativity–Values
UNICEF ESARO: Towards gender equality: an integrated approach to keeping girls in school and learning
VARKEY FOUNDATION: Interactive distance instruction in girls’ education – evidence from Ghana’s “Making Ghanaian Girls Great!” (MGCubed) project
ZOCS: Alternative innovative learning programmes for out of school children – the experience of ZOCS in Zambia
These documents have been availed here for the benefit of the participants who attended the conference and those who may not have attended but wanted to keep abreast with the conference proceedings.
This compilation is in no way final and you may share with Eric Gachoka (egachoka@fawe.org) any errors of commission or omission (e.g. missing documents) you may note here.
A detailed outcome document of the conference will be shared in due course.
Ces documents ont été publiés ici au bénéfice des participants qui ont assisté à la conférence et ceux qui n’ont peut-être pas assisté, mais qui veulent se tenir au courant des actes de la conférence.
Cette compilation n’est en aucun cas définitive et vous pouvez partager avec Eric Gachoka (egachoka@fawe.org) toute erreur de commission ou d’omission (par exemple, des documents manquants) que vous pouvez constater ici.
Un document final détaillé de la conférence sera partagé en temps utile.